Thursday, 25 October 2012

Logo #2

This is the second version I have made of our logo. At the moment, this is being used for the title of the blog.

Newspaper Progress

This is the newspaper as of today. It isn't complete yet; for realism, I think that there should be a few advertisements and other articles.

A Throw Of Dice

The film is about two king who fall in love with a hermits daughter. The two kings then agree to settle the matter by having a game of crabs, which is gambling on a number coming up. The man who won then marries the girl. The girl then discovers the truth of the husbands evil plan and marries the other man who she loves. Her first husband then has committed suicide by jumping of the cliff.   

Newspaper photos

Here are some photos that we took of Dearne Valley for our film project. One of these photos will be used on a newspaper that Matthew Topham has created for our film on Photoshop.

Unfortunately, we were unable to upload them due to an error. Hopefully, we should be able to upload them as soon as poosible.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Die - film premise

Ian is shown sitting on a park bench, holding a die.

Flashback to one day ago, and he is waking up and getting ready for work. He is shown picking up some dice and then, he sets off for work - he works in a library. He arrives and, slowly, he gets crazier and crazier. Eventually, he murders an innocent person in the library. Then, he goes to the shop and buys a bottle of alcohol. He sits on the bench, dice in hand, alcohol in the other.

He throws the dice and it lands close to another person. The person then shakes his head like this. The person then proceeds to snap the protagonist's neck; killing him.

Character Profile Ian Bates

Ian Bates was a normal man, who had a steady office job for a local library. Ian had no family left after his mum died several years before and his dad left him as a small child. Then one day this all changed when Ian went into his attic to find some old photos and discovered a very old and ancient dice. Ian from then on decided to live his life by how the dice lands. A few days later Ian who was at this point in a trance all of the time because of the dice.     

Film ratings research and what is right for our film

A 15 rated film is were people under the age of 15 are not allowed to view the film in a cinema, or even rent/buy it as a DVD.
I have looked at the BBFC specs for a 15 rated film and have found that there are a lot of things on the list of things acceptable in a 15 rated film, bad language, blood/gore and even sexual scenes are allowed in a 15, however these are only allowed to be in the film with little detail, like for example, a sexual scene must not be shown in high detail, however it can be shown so that the audience know what has happened.

I have also looked into the specifications for 12/12a, a 12a is for cinema use, were a person under 12 may view the fim, with parents consent, however a 12, is were no one under the age of 12 may rent/buy the film. The specs for a 12/12a are a lot simular to that of a 15, with just less detail, strong language is allowed however it must be infrequent, even sexual references are allowed however they must be discret and infrequent. However i do not think that our film is right for this category, we have violence and strong language that i think is unsuitable to people the age of 12.

An 18 is a film were no one under the age of 18 is allowed to view it either at the cinema or buy/rent it. For a film to be rated an 18, it must have frequent sex scene, lots of blood/violence/gore and must have a lot of very strong language. However i do not think that this category is right for our film as it is not violent enough and giving it a rating which is not required would make our audience smaller.

I think that our film will be a 15 as it falls into the categories of a 15 set by the BBFC, it contains violence and strong language which i believe is unsuitable to anyone under the age of 15 and it is not violent enough to be deemed an 18.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Soundtrack Research

Regarding the soundtrack, I will be compiling research on similar films and their soundtracks - to see what ours should really sound like. Firstly, the genre is psychological mystery, so I will research films of those genres and such.

Psycho is a big influence to our film. This is the soundtrack to Psycho:

Inception is a psychological adventure/action film. Genre-wise, it is very similar:

Again, this film is of a similar genre. The film is American Psycho:

The Silence of the Lambs soundtrack:

The Se7en soudtrack:

Now, the following soundtrack is not genre related, but the tone and overall sound of it sounds quite fitting for our film:

Dice Prop research

Dice were a very big part of ancient Greek and Roman society because they believed that the gods controlled the dice to choose mortals there fates. Therefore I think that the idea of a man having the dice of Zeus in his possession is a very good idea, as this makes the idea of the man going crazy even better because he can't control the power of the dice. The dice then eventually get passed on to the detective, who then starts to go crazy with the power that the dice hold in them. The film then comes to sudden end with the detectives eyes going crazy.