Monday, 28 January 2013


The film Premonition (2007) is about a woman whose husband is killed but the very next day he is shown to be alive and well. The film explores time and fate just like our film in relation to the author, who passes the dice on to cause mayhem and murder. The woman then in the film tries to work out what is happening with the days as he is alive and then the very next day he is dead again. The film then has as alternative ending where the woman goes to see who is in the shower and the screen then goes black. This choice allows the viewer to decide what they beleve about fate.
 A similair concept is shown in No Country For Old Men when the killer rests his decision about people's lives and deaths on the flip of a coin. The trailer starts and ends with the killer asking the victim to call on the flip of his coin. To emphasise the role that fate plays in death, there is a similair scene in the Dark Knight where Harvey Dent uses a coin to decide who to punish for Rachel's death.