Friday, 15 March 2013

Audience Feedback

Audience Feedback

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Prop List

Garden String- This will be used when Ian strangles his boss outside his office.
A White Board - This will be used when Greg is telling Ian about his business performances.
A Dice- This prop is the most important prop in the story because it possess anyone who has control of it.  
An Envelope- This is how the dice is delivered to Ian from the post.
 A Flask- When Ian is sacked he turns to the alcohol in the park. This is what he drinks it from. 

Film Poster

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Film Poster Research

The Women In Black film Poster

 I like this film poster because of how the way the main character is shown in the middle of the poster. This makes the audience see that the he is the main character in the film. I also like the way in which he is lighten as one half of his face is light and the other half is dark. This shows that the character has a split personality. The hooded character also draws the audiences attention as it is looking right at the camera in the mist. This hooded figure also makes the audience want to watch the film so that they can find out who or what the hooded figure is. A big part of the hooded figures appearance is the mist surrounding it. The mist adds more of a sense of mystery to the film poster. This poster has lots of things in the background which suggests that these things will all be in the film, these include a creepy old house, a big tree and a grave stone. These objects all play a big part in film therefore they are all shown in the background of the poster    


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Character Profiles

Character profiles Name: Ian’s boss Gender: Male Height: 6:7 DOB: 07/09/1986 Job role: Office manager at co-operative insurance Appearance in film: He is Ian’s boss and appears during the scene where Ian is at work, he comes up and talks about how Ian may be fired. Extra info: He is passionate about cricket and loves to play on a weekend, has a girlfriend who also works at co-operative insurance. Name: Author Gender: Male Height: 5:11 DOB: 28/04/1990 Job Role: Author Appearance in film: He narrates the film by writing what is happening Bio: Sits in his cellar trying to write, drinks red wine. Name: Jonathan Gender: Male Height: 5:10 DOB: 03/07/1985 Job Role: Computer consultant Appearance in film: In the film he murders Ian Bio: He is unknown Name: Co-worker Gender: Male Height: 5:9 DOB: 26/06/1985 Job Role: Computer consultant Appearance in film: Co-worker with Ian Bio: He is unknown Name: Ian Gender: Male Height: 5:6 DOB: 26/06/1987 Job Role: Computer consultant Appearance in film: Bio: He is the main character in our film